VANITY HER JEWELS is the costume jewelery line of the BRUMA company, an established company that has been operating for long years in national and international markets with great organizational capacity and reliability in guaranteeing high quality products.

With its vast and original choice of collections, VANITY HER JEWELS satisfies the tastes of all women, be they trendy girls or classic and refined ladies. Women always attentive to quality and beauty, eager to wear exclusive creations that enhance them and make them feel at ease. The dynamic contrast of light, shapes and colors of VANITY HER JEWELS creations gives the wearer a charge of energy and always positive vibrations.

The creative staff, all-female just because it is a feminine market, is composed of the sisters Miriam and Elisa Vecchi and their friend Carla. A staff animated by a great passion for their work, always attentive to the latest trends, to the revolutions taking place, to the signals of the market, to the tastes of women who put them first and never renounce to the quality of the products, as well as the their beauty.

The various components, semi-precious stones, swarovsky crystals, indian turquoise, venetion glasses, freshwater pearls, are carefully selected by Miriam and Elisa who, in their choice, are guided not only by experience, but also by aesthetic sense, sensiblility and capacity to emode before each piece. The combinations of the shapes of necklaces and bracelets are endless and really fanciful and original. Each creation is assembled by hand in a traditional way. A combination, this, where tradition and modernity come together to create a truly unique and unmistakable product.


VANITY HER JEWELS creates jewelry that aims to enhance the style and personality of every woman!



VANITY HER JEWELS - The exuberant soft and colorful jewels that dress the woman

In 2013 BRUMA celebrated its first 40 years of career and passion, continuing to position itself at a privileged level in the sector also abroad.

Today in the hands of Miriam, Paolo and Elisa, sons of the founders Bruno Vecchi and Maria Biagioli, captures the news of the moment with VANITY HER JEWELS, the line of high jewelery, wich adds the colors of a spring in bloom to the beauty of all time. "FLOWERS" line inspired by the colors of nature among sparkling crystals, semi-precious stones and river pearls that become refined elements of gardens imbued with the most tenuous shades, described in great detail and held together by rhodium-plated metal and by unique interwining of satin cords.

An authentically manual workmanship also guaranteed by the "CROCHET" line by a detail that becomes the characterizing of its jewels, the ancient art of crochet.

BRUMA plays with the romantic genre, mixing ideas of yesterday and tomorrow, where tradition blends with intriguing and modern solutions.